Using PruAccess to view your Insurance Policies


PruAccess is our online portal that provides lots of services for clients.

I know that you seldom login so most of my clients have problems navigating. But don’t worry, I am here to help you!

Just click on the title that you wish to find out and I will guide you.

If you already can login, login to PruAccess first.

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Click submit and you will receive an OTP on your handphone:

And you will set a password for future login. That’s it!

Access documents that you just signed for a new policy

  • Quotation (Benefit Illustration and product summary)
  • Planner (Personal particulars, salary, etc)
  • Proposal (Health declaration)

Click PRU e-Documents and for convenience, select:

  • “All” for Date
  • “Point-of-sale documents” for View
  • the policy number

View General Documents

  • Bonus notices
  • Certificates of life insurance
  • Premium notice
  • Claims letter
  • Other letters

The procedure is the same as the previous section.

Generate the latest benefit illustration

See the latest illustration for

  • Death benefit
  • Guaranteed value
  • Non-guaranteed value
  • Surrender value
  • Total premiums paid

from now till maturity.

Click “Revised Benefit Illustration” under Online Transactions:

Choose the policy number:

Generate revised benefit illustration:

Click “submit”:

Click “Refresh”:

Click “transaction date/time”:

And there you have it!

Go through the revised values and ask me if you have any questions!

Change in Personal Details

  • Home and office number
  • Address
  • Email
  • Mobile Number

You can’t edit your mobile though, but you can fill up a form to do that.

View Current Policy Values

  • Bonus
  • Surrender value
  • Cash value

Click on “policy values”:

You might find it difficult to understand, so just give me a call!

File a Personal Accident Claim

Under “Claims Submission”, click “Accident”:

Select date of the accident:

Fill in the details of the accident:

Fill in your bank details (omit the dash):

Upload hospital/medical bill and receipts:

That’s it! It’s simple.

The only difficult part is filling in the details of the accident. Just call me if you need help.

File for PruShield Accidental Outpatient Treatment under A&E

Select “PruShield” and “Emergency Outpatient Treatment due to Accident”:

Fill in the accident details:

Fill in your bank details (omit the dash):

Upload hospital/medical bill and receipts:

File for PruShield Pre and Post Hospitalisation

Select “PruShield” and “Pre and Post Hospitalisation”:

Unfortunately, I don’t have any hospitalisation record, so I can’t proceed.

Just give me a call when you have a record!