What Right Policy is All About

If you wonder:

“Where can I find good advice for my insurance?”, you are in the right place.

Right Policy is where (or Junhao is who) you can turn to.

Right Policy can give you valuable information that you can rely on.

I sincerely hope that you will find this place useful for you and I will be here to help you if you need.

About Junhao J Tang

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Hi! My name is Junhao.

I am very glad that you are reading about me while I am also very happy to share about myself.

I am a financial consultant with Prudential, specialising in retirement planning.

I really enjoy working here (my customers and colleagues can tell) and I will be here for as long as my health allows.

I build a lot of trust and relationship with my friends and customers.

I also get a sense of fulfillment in protecting or helping them by providing valuable advice.

Feel free to approach or contact me. I will do my best for you, I promise.


I will always go the extra mile for my clients and care for them. I am blessed to receive good testimonials from them.

Thank you very much to all of you.

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From an old JC classmate, Ting
insurance advice testimonial for junhao j tang 2
From an old JC classmate, Mingjun
insurance advice testimonial for junhao j tang 3
From a relative, Mdm Tan

5 thoughts on “About Junhao & Testimonials”

  1. Junhao has shown great patience & knowledge in assisting me in both my exisitng policy & new policy purchase either from him or from other agents.
    As I am busy during work and is only free after work or weekends, he makes the effort to take note and arrange meet up or call session during those time.

    After going through my existing policy, he shown great professionalism by informing me that I could replace a policy with a similar plan but of a lower pricing. He have shown us that he puts his clients needs above all other things.
    It’s a pleasure working with and I’m sure to continue my policies with him.

  2. Junhao is knowledgeable on the products that he recommended me. He is prompt in answering my queries and is able to address them. He is sincere and has given me good recommendations. During the explanation of the various products he was patient to illustrate the differences between them. In addition to explaining the different polices, he has provided perspectives of financial and investment matters. Thumbs up!

  3. Dedicated agent and knowledgeable in their own products are the key factor when one decided to sign up a policy. I’ve signed up with other agents before but none is as dedicated & knowledgeable as Junhao. Explanation is clear and i know i can count on him on choosing the right policy.

  4. Junhao is a very helpful person who is knowledgeable in various aspects of financial planning. He has also kindly provided much insights related to CPF matters and retirement planning. Very dedicated in his area of work too. Thanks!

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