3 Real Life Cancer Stories on why Critical Illness Coverage & Hospital Shield Plan are so important

It’s 13 Nov 2018 afternoon.

As usual, I have quite a number of whatsapp messages appearing on my iPhone locked screen.

I went to take a look and I saw this:

It’s from my own relative. His wife is in her early 40s.

Whenever this kind of event happens, I will always feel for the family. It will be a difficult period for them.

I am trying my best to help them claim their bills so that they have one less worry.

She has PruShield (that covers private hospital) but not the rider.

And the chemotherapy will cost $13,000 a month.

Chemotherapy charges from the hospital

$13,000 is already after subsidy and it’s a public hospital, not private.

But because she doesn’t have a rider, she will not be able to claim fully.

Before this, she has already incurred 5 hospital bills for consultation, ultrasound, scan and lab tests.

She will be undergoing surgery and chemotherapy for few months. And that’s going to cost a lot.

Without the rider, she has to pay a deductible of $2,000 and co-insurance of 10%. We have to wait for the actual bill to see how much exactly she needs to pay.

She might be able to claim the full amount from her company. Let’s hope it’s the case.

No Critical Illness Payout

She didn’t have critical illness payout.

She is still working but if chemotherapy starts and she needs to take long term leave from work, there will be a loss of income.

And if she has to leave the company, she will not be able to claim bills from her company.

Taking Action to improve Hospital & Critical Illness Coverage

They have 3 kids and all 5 of them have Private hospital plans but no riders attached.

So I told them that without the riders, you won’t go to Private Hospitals and Public Hospital A wards.

That’s because the deductible and co-insurance that you have to pay are quite substantial.

It’s better to get a Public Hospital plan with a rider.

They are getting the riders for the whole family now. His wife wouldn’t be able to buy in future but at least the rest can.

He also asked:

I said yes, you should.

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