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... Although I did not buy any products in the end, I know I could count on him for sound financial advice if needed in future.

Ting, an old JC classmate

Junhao provides good recommendations based on your existing needs and situation...

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... always willing to help in any way to clear any doubts I have

Mdm Tan, a relative

Cancer: Why It Is Crucial To Get Enough Cover (For The No. 1 Killer)

colorectal cancer
Cancer in the colon

Cancer is a deadly disease that we hear of from the people around us – family, relatives and friends.

Many of us always think that cancer won’t happen to us.

Some think that they won’t get cancer because they lead a healthy lifestyle. But is that true?

And surprisingly, 80% of us do not have enough financial cover in the event of cancer.

CPF Nomination: 3 Important Reasons Why You Must Do

Everybody is familiar with CPF but… how many of us have done our CPF nomination?

If you have done it, how long ago was that? Do you want to change it? Is there someone that you want to add or remove?

In fact…

many don’t know why it is important to do a CPF nomination. 

Integrated Shield Plan: Why Medishield Life Coverage Is Not Enough

Medishield Life started in Nov 2015 to extend benefits and coverage.

However, healthcare costs have been rising rapidly every year. It is getting more and more expensive to visit the hospital.

6 in 10 on Medishield Life have hospital insurance. Is Medishield Life really enough?

Should you get integrated shield plans?